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2010 Year in Review

The Chapelle family is blessed with health and happiness this year. We enjoyed a fun-filled year of activities and adventures.

January:  Eric and Lucas went airsofting with friends, the Boy Scout Adventure Base 100 visited San Diego to celebrate the 100th birthday of Boy Scouting in America, the Boy Scouts camped at a Winter Klondike, and Sonja and Greg shared a work Camera Club banquet with friends.

February:   Greg took a Colorado river canoe trip with other Boy Scout leaders, traveled to Philadelphia and Lakehurst New Jersey for work, and Sonja participated in the Fresno wind ensemble with her oboe student Kendal and took the boys with her to visit the Magic Castle on the way.

March:  The Boy Scouts camped at Lake O’Neill and shot shotguns and played miniature golf, our church packed one million meals for hungry families, and Greg traveled to Philadelphia for work (again).

April:  The Boy Scouts participated in a Camporee and Lucas played competitive lacrosse.

May:  Eric and Greg participated in their Order of the Arrow Brotherhood ordeal, Lucas competed in the 6th grade Olympics, played some more lacrosse, the Boy Scouts went white water rafting on the Kern River, and Eric & Lucas had their school music concerts.

June:  Eric graduated from middle school, the Boy Scouts camped and fished at Lake Morena, Eric played drums in the summer School of Rock, and the Boy Scouts helped out their sponsoring church with a cleanup project, and spent summer camp on Catalina Island at Emerald Bay where we snorkeled and Eric had the opportunity to try SCUBA diving.

July:  Eric was a Counselor in Training at the local Boy Scout Camp and taught younger scouts how to fish and use the 22 rifles, then to cap off the month Eric & Lucas traveled to Virginia for the Boy Scout National Jamboree celebrating 100 years of Scouting in the USA.

August:  Saw Eric start High School marching band, and Greg joined the “band Dads” who help move the musical equipment for the performances.

September:  Eric and Greg went to the USNS Washington ship launching from the National Shipyards in San Diego and Lucas’ cross country competitions heated up.

October:  Marching band football halftime shows and weekend band competitions were in full swing, while Lucas’ cross country running competitions traveled throughout Southern California.

November:  The Boy Scouts did canoeing, sailing, and kayaking at Mission Bay, Greg lead some Troop recruiting and fundraising events in the Fall, and Sonja traveled to Germany with her mother Lia and sister Heidi.

December:  Greg traveled to Lakehurst, Eric and Lucas participated in their school music concerts, and Christmas found a family reunion with Lia, Heidi, Larry, and Ian visiting from Colorado.