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JAN: The New Year started out with Lucas building his own gaming computer from scratch. Sonja and Greg were the advisors to the effort.  Eric started a competitive winter downhill mountain biking race series in Fontana, California.  Greg enjoyed a winter Klondike derby weekend with the Boy Scouts in the San Bernardino mountains.

Feb:  Greg’s Boy Scouts celebrated the troop’s 25th anniversary by participating in a Scout Sunday service with St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, the troop’s sponsor.  Eric celebrated his last youthful birthday at 17 yrs old. Eric earns a 3rd place podium standing in the Mountain Biking Enduro class on our local Black Mountain open space trails.

Mar: Eric downhill bike racing moved into the national championships with some really good riders competing.  Greg spent time working with the US Air Force in Dayton, Ohio, and Lucas had a solo & ensemble concert of percussion music judged by a local professional musician from the San Diego Symphony.

Apr: Lucas celebrated his 15th birthday, Sonja celebrated her birthday, and Eric went whitewater rafting on the Kern River.

May: Sonja and Greg took a short weekend trip to Mexico to cheer a friend who was bicycling in a 50 mile race and enjoyed the nice Mexican hospitality at a condominium by the sea.  Greg and Eric took a 20 mile backpacking trip on the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT).  Greg, Sonja and Lucas were baptized by GC2 church in a wonderful ceremony at a church members home.

Jun: We helped Greg’s sister Claire with her garage sale as she prepared to sell her house.  Greg enjoyed a weekend at his Church’s Men’s retreat on Palomar Mtn. and finally had a chance to drive his jeep off-road down a secondary dirt mountain road. Greg also took a 30 mile backpacking trip to climb San Gorgonio; southern California’s tallest peak at 11,503 ft high.  Beautiful views from that high.

Jul: Eric and Greg took an extensive 2 week trek to New Mexico for 50+ miles of backpacking at Boy Scout Philmont High Adventure Base: shooting black powder rifles, shotguns, rock climbing, fishing, and summiting Mt. Philips at 11,742 ft.  Lucas and Greg built a sandcastle at the beach and enjoyed the San Diego summer.  Just chillin’ in San Diego after that.

Aug: Eric played the National Anthem at Padres Baseball Petco Park with the Westview High School Marching band.   Sonja and Greg celebrated their wedding anniversary by going out to Humphries by the bay concerts and watching Straight No Chaser, an acapela singing group. Very fun concert!

Sep: Eric and Greg did some fishing for catfish at Santee Lakes (but no catching!).  Lucas started the driver training classes, including the AAA safety ones.  High School started to kick into high gear for Eric and Lucas, while Sonja traveled back to see her family in Colorado.

Oct: Eric and Lucas started some serious rock climbing at the gym.  Unfortunately the Miramar Air show at the Marine Air Station was cancelled one day before it was to start, due to the government shut down.  We were looking forward to attending it, so we were bummed.  Sonja and Greg attended San Diego State football games with coworkers and friends. Lots of fun!  Eric submitted all the paperwork and application for his Eagle Boy Scout rank!  Now it’s just waiting on his board of review to officially finish.

Nov: Greg took a surprise visit to Houston Texas to celebrate his Father Rene’s 80th Birthday.  Rene didn’t know he was coming, and Greg disguised himself so a few minutes before Rene knew it was Greg at the door. Lucas completed all the book learning for his driving permit and he just needs to pass the written drivers test. Eric and Sonja visited some candidate Universities/Colleges that Eric is interested in attending in Arizona and Colorado.

Dec: Greg finished his Scoutmaster tenure at Troop 667 with a last trip to Anza-Borrego Desert State park, hiking through the Palm Canyon trail.  He retires as Scoutmaster of Troop 667 at the end of 2013.  Eric earns his Eagle Boy Scout Rank!   Lucas passes the written portion of the driving test and is ready to start the behind the wheel driver’s training.  Wonderful Christmas dinner with Greg, Sonja, Eric, Lucas, Greg’s Mom Glenda, Sister Claire, Niece Kelly, and Nephew Nolan.