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Jan 2014 - Eric continues his passion for mountain biking by participating in weekly downhill mountain bike races in Fontana and locally at the Black Mountain Enduro races.

Feb 2014 - The Chapelle's took a family vacation to Hawaii and enjoyed snorkeling the wonderful waters and swimming with tropical fish and sea turtles.

Mar 2014 - Unfortunately Eric experienced a huge bike crash while downhill mountain bike racing and broke both of his arms.  Luckily one was a minor break and did not need much help, while the other required surgery to set the broken bone.  He is such a rapid healer this didn't slow him down very much. This month Boy Scout Troop 667 held their Eagle Rank Court of Honor (COH) for Eric and three other Scouts who achieved the highest rank in Scouting.  

Apr 2014 - Sonja took a business trip to Europe and was able to take some personal time to visit her cousin Kay and his wife Irna in Belgium.  Easter Sunday found the extended family together for lunch.  Eric was fortunate to join GC2 church's mission trip to the Dominican Republic where he shared the good news with the DR people..

May 2014 - Greg took a day trip to Los Angeles to have a reunion with his old Boy Scout Troop 121 and later in the month he took a hike at Torrey Pines State Beach with the GC2 Church men's group.  Sonja tried her hand at homemade pizza making with great success.  This month a large canyon fire broke out near our home, so we were required to evacuate for a day, but the firemen were able to knock it down so quickly that we were back in our home by the end of the day. Thank you fire fighters!  This month also saw Eric and his date Shanna go to the High School Senior prom. At the end of the month Lucas and Greg decorated military graves to mark Memorial Day commemorations.

Jun 2014 - Eric and Greg shared a weekend at Palomar mountain, joining other GC2 men during their annual men's retreat.  We had the opportunity to explore the Nate Harrison grade dirt road coming down the mountain in Greg's wrangler jeep.  This month Eric graduated from high school.   Lucas passed his driver's test to become an officially licensed driver.

July 2014 - Sonja, Claire, and Greg celebrate Greg's birthday at Laguna Beach's Pageant of the Master - live people recreating famous paintings and sculptures.  Eric joined GC2 at their summer Mountain church camp for a week, while Greg & Claire took in a Padres baseball game with Claire's daughter Kelly.

Aug 2014 - Eric heads off to Northern Arizona University (NAU) and enjoys the wilderness experience: a week of camping with other freshmen at Zion and Bryce National Parks. Sonja and Greg join another couple, Dave and Pam, for an evening concert on the San Diego Bay Hornblower cruise - watching the sunset over beautiful San Diego Bay.  This month also starts Sonja and Greg's attendance at the local college (SDSU) football games with friends.

Sept 2014 -Greg volunteers at the GC2 golf tournament to help run the charity fund raising event.  Sonja, Greg and Lucas visit Eric at NAU for parent's weekend. Greg finally gets motivated to rebuild portions of the backyard fence next to the neighbors and the it comes out great!

Oct 2014 - Greg & Lucas go to the local Miramar Marine Air Show to see  the static display of aircraft, aerial displays, and experience a virtual air race demonstration.  Sonja and Greg enjoy a concert of classic blues music with Charlie Musslewhite, a blues harmonica player.

Nov 2014 -  Greg and Lucas participate with Boy Scout Troop 667 in the local Scout Expo, a  day of Scouting demonstrations to help recruit boys to Scouting.  Greg's high school friend Diane Johnson visits San Diego while attending a conference. Very nice to reconnect with old friends.  Thanksgiving finds Eric flying home from NAU to join everyone for the week.

Dec 2014 - Greg and Lucas spend a day at a local park with Boy Scout Troop 667 during their annual Webelos Day to  introduce Scouting to young boys.  Sonja and Greg  search out and find a local dark sky viewing spot to observe the annual Geminids Meteor Shower and have a really fun time spotting the streaks in the sky.