2015 Family Photos

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As we take a moment to look back at the 2015 year we recall that the new year began with the family spending a January weekend at a cabin on the shore of Santee Lakes. While not far from our home it provided a nice escape to do some fishing and view the large number of migratory birds that come during the winter.

February opened with Scout Sunday where the Boy Scout troop Greg volunteers with help put on the Sunday religious service at the church that sponsors the troop.  The end of February was a blast of Jeep off roading with friends Dave and Chrystal Liao at the 53rd anniversary of the Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari in the Truckhaven hills as they navigated the dirt trails and tested their driving skills on some very challenging terrain.

The springtime was filled with hiking on new trails in the East San Diego County and camping with Boy Scout Troop 667 at the yearly Camporee where the troop earned three first places in Patrol competitions with other troops throughout the Black Mountain district. An amazing performance by the Scouts and a reflection on the troop leadership. The Scouts are even talking about returning next year to defend their awards.

During the month of May, Greg was honored with the San Diego American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Outstanding Contribution to the Community for his twelve years of Boy Scout leadership volunteering.  He received the award during their annual awards banquet at San Diego State University, where coincidentally Sonja’s boss received an award for Outstanding Project Management.   May was a great time to do some more hiking at Blue Sky preserve and camping with the Boy Scouts at Lake Skinner.    Lucas also took this month to build his own laptop computer and learned a lot designing it, purchasing the components, assembling it and troubleshooting when it didn’t work right away. He eventually got it running great and uses it daily for his school work and computer gaming.

In June there were mixed blessings as Greg’s abstract photograph was accepted for showing at the Del Mar Fair photography exhibit, while Lucas suffered a serious knee injury that would ultimately require corrective surgery and months of physical therapy.  Eric and Greg had the rare opportunity to celebrate fellow Scout Colin Slavey’s Eagle rank court of honor at the US Coast Guard San Diego station.  The Eagle Scout rank is the highest rank in Boy Scouting and only a small percentage of Scouts achieve it, so it was an opportunity to celebrate a friend’s great achievement.

In July, Sonja and Greg took an epic summer driving vacation through Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado visiting several National Parks along the way (Great Sand Dunes, Arches NP) plus spending a week in Denver visiting Sonja’s mother Lia.  They enjoyed an Independence day celebration concert of the music group Blues Traveler at the famed Red Rock Amphitheater outside of Denver.  Beautiful place to celebrate our country’s independence!

Sonja and Greg shared an August concert along the San Diego Bay at Humphries with friends Noel and Evelyn to help celebrate their wedding anniversary.  With the wonderful summer weather Eric worked as a kayaking, snorkeling and bicycle tour guide at La Jolla Shores Beach. Sounds like the perfect job for a 19 year old out of college for summer break to explore the ocean caves and swim with the tame leopard sharks!  

As summer turned to Fall the pace of activities increased with Greg starting to hike more with friend Jean Tellier as they both joined the weekly San Diego Natural History Museum Canyoneer walks and learned about the local plants and animals. Greg set up an amateur radio station at his home for his Boy Scouts to participate in the October Jamboree On the Air (JOTA) where the scouts were able to talk to other Boy Scouts and radio operators throughout the United States.  At the end of the October longtime friends Aleta and Allan visited from Seattle and we were able to spend quality time catching up with them, since it has been many years since we've seen each other..  

In November we adopted a new member of our family: a Corgie puppy named Suki (Japanese word for Love) who has grown quickly and is now an integral part of our “pack”, joining our corgie mix Delilah and black Labrador Cinder. A planned driving trip for Thanksgiving was cut short but we were still able to visit Eric in Flagstaff where the cool fall weather and dusting of snow brought in the holiday spirit.

The last month of the year found Greg camping with the Boy Scouts in Anza-Borrego Desert where he explored two rocky canyons with them, saw a huge herd of rare big horn sheep,  watched the fantastic Geminds meteor shower and star gazed in the clear skies far away from light pollution.  This month also marked Lucas’ return to rock climbing, after fully recovering from knee surgery. Rock climbing is a sport that he excels in, but will need time to regain his former elite skills after being away from it for almost half a year.

It has been a wonderfully active year and a joy to spend time with friends and family. May the year ahead prove even greater than the one that has now completed.

Sonja, Greg, Eric, and Lucas.