Family Photos 2016

We send you our wishes for a wonderful holiday with friends and family and some well-earned days of vacation. Greg and I get 9 precious vacation days and of course there are five of them in November and December, so we really do earn our time off by year end.

Eric and Lucas are keeping busy with school. Eric is living in North Hollywood (near Universal Studios and "beautiful downtown Burbank") and attending a 1-year music production program at Icon Collective. He finishes in June. It's an exciting challenge Eric has set for himself and we're excited to see what the future will bring. Housing is expensive in LA, so he is sharing a studio apartment. And what do you get with engineers for parents? A dividing wall for privacy that is neither nailed to the ceiling nor the floor that we built from two doors and telescoping table legs! His full size, loft bed is 6' in the air, freeing up considerable space underneath for his music equipment.

Lucas is attending community college that allows him to live at home. His goal is to transfer to a UC school in the future and possibly study Engineering. Living at home works just fine since Lucas bought himself a beautiful pure bred Corgi puppy a year ago and there is no dorm that would let him have a dog. Her name is Suki.

Greg reached his 12th year of volunteering with a local Boy Scout troop and still enjoys the frequent camping and hiking that entails. Mid-year he was recruited to a different division in his company is very happy to be actively using his particular skills of both electronics and software engineering in his new position.

Sonja continues to demonstrate her organizational skills as a product line manager; balancing the priorities of what needs to be done today with what needs planning for future manufacturing activities. Since her work can sometimes be stressful she’s taken up crafting jewelry to distract her and give her a creative outlet. This year Sonja and Greg celebrated 30 years of marriage!

In the later part of the year we opened our home to Darryl, who is attending the San Diego Fire Academy, and his wife Sarah. It’s been a pleasure to have them in our home as we observe firsthand the ups and downs of the rigorous firefighter training challenges that must be conquered. They brought their two dogs with them, so now our home accommodates a pack of five dogs that enjoy chasing each other around and maneuvering themselves to sit on their favorite laps.